A Message from our Co-Chairs

Around the World. Welcome and thank you for your support and passion for our great cause! As we celebrate our 7th year of the Calling All Angels Gala, it is important to reflect on the tremendous impact CARES Institute has made not only here in our community, but also around the world. Having successfully been in operation for 27 years and caring for thousands of children, adults and families in our local community, CARES Institute has transformed into a world-renowned leader in awareness and education for child trauma. This evening we are here to celebrate its work. CARES is an organization that is regionally treating children and impacting clinicians around the world.

Over the last 8 years, we have been fortunate to raise over $750,000 due to the hard work of our Advisory Board, the CARES staff, the staff of the Rowan University Foundation and the generosity of our supporters. As we approach $1 million raised by The Calling All Angels Gala, we continue to focus on supporting the entire medical and support staff of the CARES Institute and the impact they continue to make around the Globe.

Since 2005 almost 250,000 therapists worldwide have utilized web training, which gives them an introduction and guidance in the treatment models developed at CARES Institute. These therapists are from 123 different countries around the world. The CARES faculty has trained professionals in state-of-the-art medical and mental health practices to help children who have experienced abuse in Sweden, Norway, Israel, Japan, Finland, Australia, France, China, and Canada and have also hosted professionals from a number of countries. The international impact of the CARES Institute is unprecedented in the treatment of child abuse. The Institute’s international presence and impact includes speaking/training colleagues in 17 countries.

We must now plan to build a lasting legacy. Over the next year, the three of us, with the help of Drs. Finkel and Deblinger and other members of our gala advisory board will work to put together an action plan. Our goal is to build an appropriate and sustainable funding mechanism to help CARES train more pediatricians, therapists and clinicians on the best practices that have been developed at the Institute. The simple fact is that if clinicians are better trained then more children will be better served.

We have learned that child abuse crosses all social, ethnic and economic boundaries. Events continue to make the news involving cases in which children are abused by people they know and trust. The good news is that people today are willing to talk about child abuse and are receptive to listening to those affected. We can have an event like this one and get the support of our incredible sponsors. Companies are more willing than ever to be associated with a topic that is very difficult to address.
Children are our future and with the support of the CARES Institute, Rowan SOM, the Gala Advisory Board and all of you, the future is bright.
On behalf of the Gala Advisory Board, we thank our family, friends, colleagues and business partners for their support.

Whether you are a sponsor, purchased a ticket for this evening or are simply a guest, you have made a difference by coming out tonight and being a part of this event. Thank you for being an Angel. Enjoy the evening!


Steven Kantor
Co-Chairman, Calling All Angels Gala Advisory Board
Executive Vice President, KEH Insurance Agency

Shawn O’Neil
Co-Chairman, Calling All Angels Gala Advisory Board
Argosy Management Group

Michael Sherman
Co-Chairman, Calling All Angels Gala Advisory Board
President, Vanguard Building Solutions, LLC